The sense of social responsibility is a part of our corporate governance and DNA.

The sense of social responsibility is a part of our corporate governance and DNA. This makes us a responsible employer and a good neighbour.

As a commercial vehicle factory, we are aware of the impact we make on our environment and we would like to balance that impact by searching common solutions.

Sustainable Development Strategy at Volkswagen Poznań

In December 2014, our Management Board along with the Plant Directors and the Chairman of “Solidarity” Trade Union adopted the Sustainable Development Strategy, which specifies our key challenges and clearly defines our most important objectives. The document was created after a year of intensive works and many consultations with all the representatives concerned. Together with the list of KPIs, the strategy is a basis for responsible company management.

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Social involvement

We present the priorities of our social involvement for 2016–2020.Check what activities we are going to support in the nearest future.

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Ensuring compliance of operations with internal regulations, provisions of the law and recognized standards of behaviour.

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One of priorities in Volkswagen’s strategy is to be the best employer. To achieve that, we must carry on a permanent and honest dialogue with our employees and social partners.

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Sustainable development requires simultaneous actions to be taken in the fields of economy, society and ecology. Volkswagen Poznań is a company which responsibly addresses environmental issues and takes all efforts to minimize its impact on the environment. Volkswagen Poznań staff are proud of their achievements in the field of environmental protection, but are also aware of the challenges they have to face in the future. Below you can read about the actions taken by Volkswagen Poznań regarding environmental protection.

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