W Volkswagen Poznań wiemy jak ważne jest zdanie pracowników.

The biggest priority for Volkswagen Poznan is the satisfaction of its employees.

Holding a constructive dialogue in the company employing over 8000 workers in 4 different locations constitutes quite a challenge.

The first step of a dialogue is provision of thorough information. To this end the company created a number of internal communication tools that keep all employees informed. Different forms and proper infrastructure guarantee that every employee can easily access up-to-date information as well as contents of strategic documents and of documents provided by the Group.

However, providing information in not everything. Volkswagen Poznan realises the importance of employees' opinions. Employees can improve their workplace through the Continuous Improvement Process or send inquiries to management via such dedicated tools as "You don’t know – ask a question!" or open-ended questioning during company meetings attended by all employees.

Labour Relations Card

Labour Relations Card is a document signed within the framework of the Workplace Relationships policy and aims at developing dialogue with representatives of employees (trade union or works council). The Card was signed in 2009 and applies to all companies and workplaces represented in the European Works Council of the Group and Global Works Council of the Volkswagen Group.

The main objective of the Card is to ensure that the enterprise remained competitive on the market, brought profit and guaranteed stable, safe and developing employment opportunities for its employees. Employees - through a trade union - can actively in fluence the situation of the enterprise because the Card specifies their right to comment different questions regarding the workplace.

The Card defines three rights of employees: to inform, to consult and to take part in any decision-making processes. Additionally, it includes a list of questions and issues relating to the enterprise and the information on which right applies to a particular question. And so, for example, a trade union can take part in a decision-making process regarding a remuneration system. In practice in means that every change of remuneration or bonus table must be negotiated with a trade union and may be introduced only upon mutual agreement.

The Card specifies the rights of the employees' representatives as well as their obligations - taking part in a decision-making process means co-responsibility for the decisions made and thus, for the company and its personnel. Taking part in a decision-making process requires knowledge of the company's processes and that is why the Card mentions the necessity to introduce trainings for the employees' representatives and to inform them of a current situation in the workplace.

Volkswagen Poznan, together with the Company's Trade Union Independent Self-governing Trade Union "Solidarity", has been actively implementing the Card. As part of a dialogue, for the last 4 years there has been a joint symposium for the purpose of providingcurrent information concerning production, financeand personnel. There are also weekly meetings relating to current labour matters and social issues. The representatives of the Independent Self-governing Trade Union "Solidarity" have been actively participating in and supporting projects implemented in Volkswagen Poznan, such as Demographic Challenges, Satisfaction Poll and Electronic Recording of Working Time.

Another element of the Labour Relations Card is the Plant Meetings held in VW Poznan twice a year. They provide a possibility to communicate will all employees.

Implementation of the Labour Relations Card is as time consuming as getting familiar with all processes carried out in the plant and rules for its functioning required for responsible participation in decision-making processes relating to questions specified by the Card whereas the Card's success is mostly based on a constructive and participatory dialogue.

Satisfaction poll

The possibility to comment on the general functioning of the company and participate in its shaping are the most significant assumptions of the Poll for Volkswagen Poznan employees. The Satisfaction Poll, conducted in our company since 7 years, is applied in the whole Volkswagen Group.

Rules are simple. Employees participate in an anonymous poll, completed electronically. Another step is a joint discussion concerning the poll's results held between an employee and their immediate supervisor. During this discussion employees have a chance to indicate the advantages of Volkswagen Poznan. They can also stress things that are important in everyday work but require examining and improving. Another step is to divide remedies defined by employees on local, regional and global ones and to develop these remedies by supervisors of all levels.

The Poll lasts the whole year.